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The purpose of the platform is to unite representatives of the expert community and public figures in the field of international relations in order to develop a humanitarian dialogue between the EU countries and the Russian Federation.

The relevance of the communication platform is justified by the deep crisis in which the relations of our countries are. Russia is one of the most influential actors in the international arena. Understanding the logic of Russia's actions is vital for the security of the whole world. It is obvious that both sides - Russia and the European Union - need to hear each other better and exchange views on the main issues on the international agenda.

Taking into account the above-mentioned crisis of relations, the importance of public organizations and expert associations in the process of normalizing the dialogue between our states is increasing.

Within the framework of the Russia–EU communication platform, scientific and research activities are carried out aimed at improving mutual understanding between the peoples of Europe. A set of measures is being implemented to bring our countries out of the current crisis of mutual misunderstanding and distrust.

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